Thursday, May 22, 2014

St. Pachomius

Happy feast of St. Pachomius!

5/9/14 (also listed as 5/14/14)

St. Pachomius was the founder of of Christian monasticism.  He was born a pagan in Egypt and even served in the Roman Legion in North Africa.  He converted to Christianity in 313 and quit his military career.  He withdrew into the desert and came under the deciles hip of Palaemon, a famed hermit.  After a while Pachomius founded a community of monks. His contribution to formative monasticism ranks him with other great innovators of the church.

Ok, that's cool.  This is the person who first gathered up men, drew up a rule, and created a place for those who wished to lead a consecrated life.  Before his death, there were 10 other communities (men & women) comprising of around 3000 people.  He literally gathered them out of the desert and brought them together.  Before that, there were hermits living in solitude in the caves of the desert.  We owe a lot to St. Pachomius!
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