Wednesday, May 14, 2014

St. John of Beverley

Happy feast of St. John of Beverley!


St. John was a Benedictine bishop in England. He was trained at Canterbury under Sts. Adrian & Thodore.  He succeeded St. Boas as Bishop of York.  There he ordained St. Bede to the priesthood. He was praised by St. Bede in his Ecclesiastical History.  He founded Beverley Abbey.

This is one of those saints again that takes a little more looking to find what is truly great about them.  Like so many others, when you read the blurb in a book he seems rather small in the saintly world, but you know there must be something, after all he is a saint.  St. John Beverley has many  miracles and headings associated with him.  He was celebrated for his scholarship and virtue.  Still, comparably, there is very little to go on.  As for me, I will look on St. John of Beverley as an example of virtue.  His life and sainthood will be the example that leading a virtuous life can lead to great things.

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