Tuesday, April 1, 2014

St. Conon of Naso

Happy Feast of St. Conon of Naso!

St. Conon of Naso, like many other saints, was born into a noble family.  At the age of 15 he turned his back on his privileged life and became a Basilian monk.  He lived in a monastery for a while, then became a hermit and later called back to become abbot.  At some point during his life he made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  While there he had a vision of a snake coiling itself around the throat of a fellow priest.  He went to that priest who confessed to hoarding monies.  After their talk, the priest gave all of the monies he had kept to the poor.  Upon the death of his parents, Conon received a large inheritance, which he gave to the poor.  Famine hit Naso, and a vision of Conon encouraged a ship of grain to go to a port near Naso, ending its famine.  Conon died at the age of 97.  Upon his death, all of the bells in the town started ringing miraculously.  Conon is known for his miracles and visions.

Conon's life is fairly sketchy.  There isn't much out there about his life, just these few facts, somewhat thrown at you.  What we do know about him is that:  He led by example.  He wanted God more than money and privilege
.  He put God first.  Because of this, Our Lord rewarded him.  He was given the gift of visions and the gift of being able to perform miracles.  He is a lesson in letting go and letting God.  He always provides, if only we give him the opportunity.

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