Monday, April 21, 2014

St. Apollonius the Apologists

Happy feast of S. Apollonius the Apologist!

St. Apollonius was a martyr who wrote Apologia, or defense of the faith, which is a priceless document of the early church.  He was a Roman senator and Christian, which as we all know, was a major no-no of the time.  One of his slaves gave him up and Apollonius was arrested (just so you know, his slave was put to death for being an informer at this time).  Perennial, the Roman Praetorian prefect, demanded Apollonius denounce his faith.  Apollonius refused and the case was forwarded to the Roman senate.  At this time a debate took place between Apollonius and Perennis in which Apolonius was able to lay out the beauty and value of Christianity.  Although his defense was amazing, he was found guilty and beheaded.

These seem to be your best bet for reading an account of what happened to Apollonius Early Christian Writings and his Apologia Internet Archive.  I think my favorite thing I read about him was when he was asked if he just wanted to die.  He replied no, he enjoyed life, but he would rather die in defense of his faith than of some ordinary cause or disease.  How wise was he!?!  Due to his social standing and his position as a senator in Rome, he was able to influence many with his eloquence and explanations.  Not only did his speaking focus on Christianity and it's virtue, but on the old testament and the prophesies by Scripture and Plato.  Due to his example and life Christianity made more strides into the hearts and minds of the Roman people.

How far does a little evangelization go and how much would it benefit our church today if Catholics everywhere started standing up in defense of our faith?  The one thing that saddens me about our faith is our lack of evangelization.  There are so many misconceptions out there about the Catholic Church, that we begin to shy away from spreading our faith.  I feel like I am on the defense every time I speak of my church and my faith, but if we don't start to evangelize our church as well as the 'bible churches' or Protestants, we will allow the True Church of Christ to sink into antiquated oblivion.  I am so happy to have Pope Francis steering the ship today.  Don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with Pope Benedict.  He was an eloquent writer and theologian, but the world beyond Catholics were not listening to him.  Pope Francis has made the world take notice of the church again.  They may not accurately hear the message, but they do hear the message and they see the Church again.  Let's help the Pope today and every day and spread the word and works of our Lord!  Here is one location to help you start on your way

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