Friday, March 21, 2014

Feast of St. Joseph

Happy Feast of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary!

How fitting is this, on the day I hopefully finish catching up--St. Joseph, husband of Mary, head of the Holy Family.  My 2 year old is better, no more fever, and spring break is over.  Onward and upward, life resumes and we begin with Joseph.

Well, this was how I started my post, then...little man started feeling icky again and my big boy needed mom. What can I say, I am a work in progress, but my littles come first, even when it's the big boy who is 12.  Little man is napping, so I will do what I can.  St. Joseph, chaste husband of Mary, mother of our Lord and savior.  We know from scripture that he was a carpenter, they had little, they were not rich, he came from the line of David (great King of Israel), he was caring and compassionate, he followed God in everything without question, he loved Jesus and was concerned for his safety, and he was a "righteous man."

I am so incredibly happy to have St. Joseph in Sacred Scripture and in the Church, but I wish I had more.  I wish I knew how he was as a father. When the baby screamed in the middle of the night, did he hold him, or was that Mary's job?  Was he nurturing and loving in teaching Jesus and rearing him?  I'm sure he was, God chose him out of all of the men in the world, but on some level, I just wish I had more.  (Selfish, isn't it.  I ask more of the ancient literature that chronicles God and his people both before and after Jesus.) Maybe I ask to much, I just wish I had more of an example for marriage and parenthood.  The calling to be married and parent isn't always easy, the questions are difficult and the instruction is hard.  Don't get me wrong, it is the MOST rewarding thing I can imagine.  I am happy, except when the 2 year old refuses to use the bathroom, or then in the midst of his tantrum, misses the potty and hits me, but all things considered I am extremely lucky and happy.  I love the hugs and kisses.  I cannot imagine life without the wonderfully misspelled I love you notes from my children.  I love celebrating the wins and hugging after the losses.  These are the things that make life.....well.....LIFE.

Where does this leave us?  This sketchy outline of who Joseph was early in Jesus' life.  What does this show us or teach us? What do we do now?  Well, we rely on the church and her teachings and we follow the outline we have of Joseph.  We know he would want us to work.  To do our jobs to the best of our ability, without fear of getting dirty.  We know he wants us to respect everyone who is out there providing for their family.  His job was not glamorous, he got dirty and worked hard.  That type of work is not for everyone, but everyone should have a deep respect for that type of work.  Not just carpenters, but construction workers, garbage men, plumbers, electricians, janitors, office workers.....etc....the list is endless.  Have respect for all men and their occupations.  Respect all and help all.  Mary and Joseph didn't have an easy life, they were uprooted as soon as Jesus was born.  They moved, resettled and later returned.  Help those who are new in your community to settle in and make their home.  Love your family~take care of them.  Last, but certainly not least, LOVE GOD, respect God and follow God in all you do.

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