Monday, March 10, 2014

Feast of St. John Ogilvie

Happy Feast of St. John Ogilvie!

St. John was raised as a Calvinist in Scotland in 1579.  He left Scotland in search of education and found the Catholic Church, to which he was admitted at the age of 17.  He decided to join the Jesuits and joined in 1610.  His wish was to be sent home to Scotland and minister to them there.  He was finally sent and was very successful at converting his fellow countrymen.  Later he was betrayed by someone posing as a Catholic and was imprisoned.  There he was tortured as the authorities tried to get names of other Catholics in Scotland, which he refused.  He was convicted of high treason after his 3 trials, since he still swore allegiance to the Catholic Church and was guilty of converting Protestants to the Catholic faith.  He was hung at the age of 35.  As he was led to be hung he spent time in prayer, pushing his own ladder away.

Another martyr for the faith.  Where does this lead us?  What does this mean we are supposed to do? Not all of us are called to stand firm for our faith, to the point of facing death.  Maybe I am naive, but I do not foresee that in my country or life.  I know there are people all over the world facing that life right now, but I am not.  What does a martyr's life tell me to do?  I must actually give the credit for this to my parish priest.  Somehow, through the insanity of me with children at mass, I caught, what I assume was the main point of what seemed to be an endless homily.  We are not called to do the impossible, we are called to do the ordinary.  We are called to pay attention and notice when things do not fit with our Catholic faith and we are called to say something at that point.  We are called to not ignore or go along with something contrary to our faith.  We are called to investigate to lead others.  We are called to point out the issue and to try to remedy the situation.  So for all of you who, like me, don't rock the boat, that is the problem.  We don't rock the boat, so nothing happens, nothing changes and the world goes on ignoring the true church of God and we melt into obscurity.  I guarantee the Protestants, Baptists and Lutherans would not ignore their church being blasted on TV or at school, neither should we.

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