Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Saint Julian the Hospialler and National Marriage Week

Marriage Week is beyond the halfway mark and how are you doing?  As for me....I've tried....haven't been as successful as I had hoped for, but I've been trying.  I've prayed for my hubby almost every day, but I'm afraid I haven't always prayed for him as I should have.  In other words, one or two of my prayers may have been selfish in nature.  I hate admitting that.  I did pray for his well being, for peace in the workplace and at home, for health...but then there were the prayers that were more for me...for him to feel better, so he could help more with the kids that evening, etc.  Yes, I am FAR from sainthood!  Don't expect my name on that list any time soon, I have some serious work to do. 

As for the saint today...I think I have found the oddest saint I have ever read about.  Happy Feast of Saint Julian the Hospitaller!  Saint Julian was born to noble parents.  Upon his birth he was cursed  by witches to kill his parents later in life.  Naturally, his dad was not so keen on the idea of keeping him around, but mom insisted.  One day while hunting a stag informed him of his impending sin, which his parents had understandably kept from him.  In an effort to prevent this from occurring, he took out walking, vowing to stay far away from his parents.  It is said that 50 days later he settled and married a wealthy widow.  They lived a good life I presume.  But 20 years later, his parents decided to temp fate and went looking for him.  They came to a town and visited the altar of St. James.  Outside they met a woman who would give shelter to travelers.  Somewhere in their conversation, it was realized that she was their daughter-in-law. What joy, they found their son and his wife. She sent her new in-laws to her home and invited them to use her and her husband's bed. Julian who was out hunting was told by the enemy that his wonderful wife was having an affair.   In his rage he went home and murdered the couple in bed. His wife returned from church and gave him the great news that his parents were not only looking for him, but were in their bed resting and waiting to be reunited with their son. Julian and his wife went to Rome.   He confessed his sins and received absolution. As penance, he returned home to build hospitals and inns to take in the sick, poor and travelers. One story involves a leper who came to him seeking shelter. He gave that leper his own bed. The leper turned out to be an angel. 

What a life! Can you even imagine?   But what are we to learn from Saint Julian?  Don't tempt fate?  Don't give the enemy an opportunity to do evil in your life?  For me I'm thinking of hasty decisions.  How often do we listen to what someone tells us, make a rash decision and act on it immediately?  How often are those decisions later regretted?  What if we go to St. Julian's life and take just that little bit out of it?  Think before you act.  Better yet, pray on things before you act.  Look at your source.  Oh my, I tell my kids this every day!  "Mom, Sally told me that Julie thinks I'm ugly."  "Mom, Amy doesn't want to be my friend any more, Pam told me so."  "Cody isn't talking to me because Jake told him I wasn't being good in class."  Can I just tell you, my list is long!  With 5 kids, this is an ongoing battle.  Look at who told you the information.  Did Sally really say you are fat?  Go to the source, ask!  Talk to the person.  Good goollie, get off your electronic device and be a human being and hold conversations with others.  Find out who they really are, what they truly think and try to be a friend.  Pray for those who persecute you.  Spread peace.  And for those times you do fall and you sin....even when that sin seems unforgivable, go to confession.  You'd be amazed at what God is capable of in your life.  All you have to do is seek him out.

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