Monday, February 3, 2014

Feast of Saint Blaise

Happy Feast of Saint Blaise!

I start on this day wondering how a mom with children in public school are to share their faith with their kids.  I am trying.  Today, my children were late to school.  Not for lack of being ready, they were~but because it's the Feast of Saint Blaise and we went to mass!  I love to share uniquely Catholic days such as this with my children.  We shared mass, we went for our blessing and we all smiled as we discussed the miracles that might be done in us and with us.  I signed my children into school late...why....mass.  I was honest.  The looks were odd~especially at the middle school~where I was told my son would have an unexcused tardy, but he would not to go to lunch detention for this tardy. 

So what are we to do?  The faithful Catholic parents of the faithful Catholic students?  Catholic school is not always an option.  For my family, we have decided to be missionaries in our community.  To be Catholic students in a non-Catholic, and often non-christian, environment.  Don't get me wrong, we live in a wonderfully christian community and there are many wonderful Christians in our schools, but there are so very many children who do not have faith of any kind. 

As we ponder on the life of Saint Blaise today, remember to give yourself to God in everything~especially at the moments when it is not easy.  Saint Blaise ministered in a prison cell.  Where can you minister?  As my daughter taught me, walking in the footsteps of the saints is easy, you don't even have to say a word.  A boy asked her what was in her binder last week, so she handed him her St. Therese prayer card.  She laughed as she told me the story.  "Mom, he's told me before that he doesn't go to church or pray...but today he did!  He didn't know it, but as he read the back of my prayer card, he said his very first prayer.  I gave him that!"

St. Blaise pray for us.

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