Friday, February 14, 2014

Gifts for catholic kids, First Communion and Easter are on their way

Lent and Easter are on their way and one of my children is celebrating his first communion and confession this year.  For those of you who are also seeking out Catholic inspired gifts, here is a review of some awesome finds from Christmas that may help you out:

My last minute decision for Christmas was to find amazing Catholic t-shirts that my whole family (including myself) would wear.  I know there are tons of Christian t-shirt options, but I wanted to support our Catholic faith.  I found Totally Catholic Tees  They are amazing!!  Here are a couple of samples.  I purchased both of these.  May I totally picky, I won't wear anything teen loves the t-shirt on the left.  Wears it all the time...EVEN TO SCHOOL!!!  The rest of us love ours as well.  I have to say, of all the shirts in this house, these are worn the most frequently.  And even better than that, the customer service.  Totally Catholic Tees is a family owned business, so they immediately sent me a message letting me know that they were out of one of the shirts I ordered, and that one would not be available by Christmas.  I received a phone call--yes, in this day and age, a phone call--to make sure I knew what options I had and if I still wanted to order the shirts.  How amazing!  With a small order like mine, he took the time to make sure I was happy and that my family would be well taken care of.  The world needs more companies like this.  Additional plus-you're helping a totally catholic family!

Tiny Saints were my next "big hit."  I was trying to find something for the littles, something small, stocking stuffer-ish.  For those of you who have been on this hunt, it's not always easy.  Yes, there are rosaries, pencils, books, cds, but something fun, different, out-of-the-ordinary, spread the good news, have it with you all of the time and enjoy it.  I know I had a lot of criteria, and none of the mainstream Catholic bookstores/gift shops had it.  Trust me, I looked.  Then I went to the on-line search and boy did I search, until I finally came across these.  When I first saw them I knew I had found what I was searching for.  My 6 yr old has her Saint Kateri on her backpack zipper.  She tells me that this way her saint can be with her all day.  My 7 yr old has his St. George on his overnight bag, so he can remember to pray even when he's away from home.  Love, Love, Love these!!!!!  Plus at only $5 each and free shipping with an order of $10 or more, who can resist?  These are the kind of things that you keep on hand for those times you need to give a quick pick-me-up to someone.

Happy Saints were my other find.  There is a great article about the creator on the National Catholic Register (Happy Saints Article ).  My 6 year old needed a t-shirt also, and it needed to be Catholic and girly.  I ordered her Happy Saint t-shirt of Saint Kateri from  She loves it!  Actually, my favorite moment with this shirt was when she was sick a couple of weeks ago.  She came home from school with a fever, went straight to her room and put on this shirt.  She told me that even though she was going to sleep, St. Kateri would know to watch over her while she was wearing a picture of her.  They offer many other items, I am getting The Way of the Cross eBook for lent for my children. 

For first communion and confession, I have given my children several books.  Here is a quick run down:
The first is Going to Confession a Picture Book by Rev. L. Lovasik.  Love this for the child making their first confession.  It explores the importance of a good confession and shows them how to make a goo confession by going through the 10 Commandments and giving examples.  Then it walks them through confession eleminating any fears.  My son took it with him to his first confession "just in case."

The next two books are written by Josephine Nobisso.  Both are wonderful and have been my "go to" gift for first confesstion.  They are beautifully written and illustrated and are amazing for young Catholics.  My children love them at bedtime.  With my older 2, who were not baptized Catholic, it was wonderful to watch them start to understand the concepts of Mary and the Catholic mass form.  (FYI:  they are both devoted young Catholics now and love to share their amazing faith with everyone and anyone.  Books like these helped me to bring our faith into our home as an ordinary part of the day as I was going through RCIA and preparing them to join the church.)

I know this is not an exahustive list, but it is a beginning.  And I must say, all of these things have gotten thumbs up from my kids, and that can be pretty tough.   


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