Saturday, February 22, 2014

Feast St. Margaret of Cortona

Happy feast of Saint Margaret of Cortona!

What a saint!  Margaret was the beautiful daughter of a farmer in Tuscany, her mother died when she was young.  She was a Cinderella of sorts (without the money).  Her father remarried to a woman who did not care for Margaret, and her father was also not attentive to her.  What becomes of a girl like this, she gave herself to the first person to show her affection.  Thus, she left home at 18 to live in sin with her boyfriend and eventually they had a son together.  Her love was killed and she returned home with her son to repent for her sins.  Her father and step-mother only rejected her--the prodigal daughter story she had imagined was over.  What to do here?  She left that place and retreated to the Friars Minor of Cortona where she received asylum.  Margaret confessed and became extremely penitent-giving herself to a life of prayer, tears and giving herself to God.  She earned a living caring for the poor sick and eventually joined the Poverelle (the poor ones).  Many would travel great distances, where she could reveal their deepest, darkest sins to them.  Many conversions and miracles were attributed to her.  She is now one of the incorruptibles.

Why haven't I known about this saint?  This is a saint for today. This is a saint who helps all to know that whatever has happened, what every you have done, as long as you are repentant and change your ways, you will be forgiven.  This is the saint that should be explained at the high school and college level, for all of the girls and boys who have fallen into the modern day trap that is "you only live once" so do what you want.  This is the saint for the abortion clinics.  This is where faith and reality hit home for those who say the church is antiquated in its ways and does not understand them.  Right here--the church does understand that life is not perfect, the church acknowledges that when we fall we can be lifted up.  We are not expected to get it right the first time.  The Lord knows us and meets us where we are.  He even gives us saints to meet us where we are.  Share Saint Margaret with someone who needs her.  Her story is just a story until she is known and shared and those who need her help run to her.


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