Friday, February 14, 2014

Feast of St. Valentine

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Saint Valentine's story is not what we hear about today is it?  Today we hear that our husbands, boy friends, wives, mothers, fathers.....the list is huge, should do something special for us.  More importantly, should buy us something amazing!  How about diamonds or roses?  A romantic dinner?  What is it that you are patiently expecting for someone to do for you today?  My hubby had school functions at two schools this morning.  The first was donuts with the elementary kids then off to the middle school for All Pro Day breakfast and meeting.  Whew, he had a fun kid filled morning!  Oh, but that left the little monkey and myself on our own.  Ok, maybe we will have lunch??  We shall see, as I have previously said, nothing is set in stone around here.  No plans are made in advance, we wing it!  With 5 children, I have found the more planning I do, the more I doom the event (a.k.a. someone will end up sick!  Vomit will fly.  Fevers will soar.) 

So on to St. Valentine.  He was a priest in Rome and aided those persecuted under Claudius II.  They attempted to force him into renouncing his faith, but he refused.  He was sent to prison where he still preached the Good News, converting 46 guards, one of which had a blind daughter whom the guard brought to pray with Valentine at which time she was healed.  Once these conversions were discovered he was put to death.  He is the patron saint of love, young people and happy marriages.  Ok, so this is short and sweet, but WHY is he the patron saint of love and happy marriages.  I had to look farther, this really didn't make any sense to me until I found the Claudius II had banned marriage thinking that unmarried soldiers would be less inhibited by the fear of something happening to them in battle.  Hence the "unmarried and uncommitted" life style flourished.  Saint Valentine went against Claudius II and performed Christian marriages.  Putting love, faith, and a pure life back into a world that was full of impurities.

What would St. Valentine say about our celebration of his feast day?  Why are we making such a fuss over buying things for one another?  Can't we show our love without pulling out our MasterCard?  Are we so duped by our materialized world that we honestly think that love revolves around how much we spend on one another?  I will be the first to say--I got NOTHING for my husband.  Today I plan to continue on with my marriage week goals:  I prayed for my husband (and yes, it was a good prayer today), I am trying to follow his lead selfishly and lovingly, and I am letting him lead our household in faith and in life.  I don't know, I sure I will do other things for him too, but I don't want to reduce our marriage to a rushed purchase so we all can feel good about ourselves.  I wish you a happy feast of St. Valentine  may we all show our love for one another today and always and may we use today as a reminder of how we are called to spread our faith, just as St. Valentine did so many years ago. 

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