Monday, February 17, 2014

Feast of the 7 Founders of the Servite Order

Happy Feast of the 7 Founders of the Servite Order!

These 7 men were of noble class, prominent business men,  in Florence, Italy.  They all had a strong devotion to Mary and chose to leave their prosperous lives to live in solitude and prayer, totally devoting themselves to God.  One day they had a vision of Mary in which she told them they would start a new order of monks which would be known as the Servants of Mary (or Servites), they would wear a black habit and black scapular in memory of the sufferings of Mary and write a Rule based on that of St. Augustine.

This is something I just cannot imagine.  Some of them were married and had families, some were widowers, but some had families.  Can you imagine your husband coming up to you saying, honey, I've made the decision to give up everything in service of God.  But that means, I will no longer have my business and I will no longer be here to take care of all of you.  No, I will be off with these other 6 men, living in solitude and devotion to Mary.  I love you, but I may not see you again.  Hopefully, this isn't correct, hopefully they didn't leave their families behind.  I just cannot imagine that being what God has in mind, but they are saints, so I guess that is what he wanted from them.  How did their wives respond, or was that just common place in that day and age and I am simply applying today's standards to something that cannot be compared.  Sitting here with all of the stresses and strains of modern life, I wonder how they made ends meet without their provider?  If they had kids, what did their children think? 

Wow, here we are back at it, could I truly allow my hubby to spiritually lead my family, even if it meant something like this?  Could I, without reservation or hostility or resentment, let him lead my family if it meant that he leave us and simply PRAY for us and the rest of the world in total devotion to Mary and our Lord?  I was grouchy this morning at mass, because my hubby had his phone in his pocket, which my 2 year old decided to play with.  During which he broadcast the local radio station throughout the church and I had to do the walk of shame with the screaming 2 year old.  Needless to say, I didn't make it to mass and I was not happy.  So once again, I am devoting myself to my husband and to his leadership.  God needs to grant me special graces in this area, because I feel as if I fail here daily. 

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